Tenders: Terms of references

РУС   ENG     Expert on market development and product promotion

РУС   ENG     Material on quality and food safety

РУС   ENG     Quality of fresh and processed products

РУС   ENG     GLOBALG.A.P. for Central Asian BIOs

РУС   ENG     Market development and product promotion

РУС   ENG     Commercial standards for FFV-Standards

РУС   ENG     Commercial standards for DDP-Standards

Selection criteria for training

One of the components of the project CANDY is to increase the capacity of regional experts and consultants in the field of commercial quality standards and the development of pre-export inspection services for quality management to ensure product conformity respecting the requirements of retail chains and buyers. Here, the project consortium intends to properly select the appropriate participants for a five-day training on FFV (Fresh Fruits and Vegetables) and DDP (Dry and Dried Produce).


РУС   ENG    Selection criteria for training participants for FFV

РУС   ENG    Selection criteria for training participants for DDP

Annual reports

РУС   ENG   ТОҶ     Annual report for 2019

РУС   ENG   ТОҶ     Annual report for 2020

Financial statements

РУС   ENG   ТОҶ     Financial statement for 2019

РУС   ENG   ТОҶ     Financial statement for 2020

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